Natural Intelligence. Discovering the way life works.

Leen - Innovatiebioloog Centre4NI

Leen Gorissen

Centre4NI (Innovatiebioloog & Founder)

While Artificial Intelligence has gained a lot of airplay in the world of innovation, a tsunami of profound new insights in biology has largely gone unnoticed. Yet these insights hint that there is an intelligence behind the success of the natural world, one that completely changes the way we look at sustainability. In this TEDx talk, Leen Gorissen takes you on a journey to discover just how clever nature works.

About Leen

Leen Gorissen, Ph.D. in Biology, is specialized in ecology, transition science, regenerative development and bio-inspired innovation. She is the author of the book ‘Building the Future of Innovation on millions of years of Natural Intelligence’ and the founder of Centre4NI, a catalyst that helps organizations and businesses to innovate like nature. It is time for a new perspective and narrative and TEDx is the platform to do just that.