How the billions of pension fund ABP became fossil-free

Liset - Fossil Free

Liset Meddens

Fossielvrij NL (Oprichter)

By telling the story of ABPfossilvrij, I hope to make people realize that their power as a citizen is much greater than your behavior as a consumer. Civil servants, teachers and young people together have been able to influence the billions of one of the largest pension funds in the world – the ABP. If we work together smartly, have a clear goal in mind and persevere, we can achieve much more than we think.

About Liset

Liset is the founder of Fossielvrij NL, an organization that builds a citizen movement to break the power of the fossil industry. In this way we accelerate the transition to a just, sustainable society.
We are setting up campaigns to ensure that financial institutions – such as the ABP pension fund – stop investing in oil, coal and gas companies.

Liset will show you how change can be made. And she’s not the only one… 

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