Making an impact with duct tape

Thijs - Hack the planet

Thijs Suijten

Hack The Planet (Impact Engineer)

There is no shortage of global challenges, whether it's social inequality or climate change. Do you sometimes also feel overwhelmed by this? You might think these topics are too big to take...
I've news for you, you CAN do something about these big challenges, regardless of your skillset. I'll share how I moved to using my technical skills for good and show how you can do the same.

About Thijs

Thijs has been a nerd for as long as he can remember, writing software and new technology is what he loves to do. But at some point he wondered: “what impact am I having and what world do I leave behind?”. Now he’s dedicating his time and technical skills to make the world a better place using pragmatic technology. Collaborating with NGO’s and taking on ecological and humanitarian challenges.