Existential Economics – System change, not climate change

Speaker Kees Klomp

Kees Klomp

Rotterdam University of Applied Science & THRIVE Institute (Professor of Applied Science and co-founder )

We are in the midst of an existential crisis; an entangled clusterfuck of ecological, social, individual and economic crises. To answer these crises, we need a fundamentally new economic system. In this TEDx-talk, Kees Klomp will share the main characteristics of this radically life-centered economic theory and practice; alongside it’s international protagonists!

About Kees

Kees Klomp (1968) studied political science and communication, and worked for 15+ years as a business consultant, and now as an applied scientist in education. Klomp has dedicated his life to develop theory and practice that helps the planet and humanity, rather than hurts the planet and humanity. Klomp is married, has 3 children and lives in rural Drenthe. TEDx is a wonderful platform to share some hope. We can change the system!