We can change climate change.

To a future

The countdown has started.

Embracing the best efforts from 030 and
abroad to decrease our local footprint.

Green roofs on bus stops, local crafted beers from bread normally gone to waste, new parts of the city build with zero emission in mind, the WeDriveSolar-initiative … . Utrecht is stepping up its efforts to make a sustainable city reality in many different ways and means. But the challenge we face is big.

So as the early adopters of the sustainable movement, how are we going to seduce/invite the rest of the city to embrace our learnings? How can businesses cooperate more, neighbours increasingly meet and inspire each other and schools and universities share their knowledge amongst each other and throughout 030. And how can the city, the media and we, the people make even more possible?

That’s where TEDxUtrecht is going to contribute.

Turning effective ideas and local good practices into even more action throughout our town – and share with the world where Utrecht is leading in innovation, ideas AND the impact we’re creating together.

With events, with increasing support for new ideas and initiatives and a global podium for innovations that have already proven their value. And with a local campaign to make known that we as Utrecht already ARE increasingly championing sustainable solutions.

We kicked off!

Despite Covid 19 the launch on 10.10.2020 was a blast.
Read all about the kick-off off TEDxUtrecht Countdown and re-live the talks of our Sustainable Superheroes and their impactful initiatives

The Plan

Countdown seeks to answer five fundamental, interconnected questions that help inform a blueprint for a cleaner future.

We are bringing together scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, urban planners, farmers, CEOs, investors, artists, government officials, and others to find the most effective, evidence-based ideas out there. Our goal is to identify the bold solutions that can be activated when people break out of their silos and rise to the challenge.


How can we spark a worldwide shift to healthier food systems?


How rapidly can we switch to 100% clean power?


How can we upgrade the way we move people and things?


How can we re-imagine and re-make the stuff around us?


How do we better protect and re-green the earth?

What else is going on @ TEDxUtrecht

TED Circles

Big issues, discussed in small circles

Every month TEDxUtrecht discusses inspiring ideas from worldwide TED stages with you in an intimate setting. Join us at Utrecht Library @ Neude. Or start your own circle!

TEDxYouth @ Utrecht

Hacking Hapiness

How do you play a game without levels, rules and endless options? During TEDxYouth @ Utrecht it is all about cutting the corners and hacking your way to happiness.