We can change climate change.

To a future

It's a wrap!

Thank you all for making June 15th a day to remember!

Welcome to TEDxUtrecht

On June 15th we celebrated the efforts and ideas of 11 mortal humans with superhero minds and stellar dedication.


We’ll share their talks when they are available. In the meantime, get your dose of daily inspiration @ TED, including lots of climate related talks, like the latest one of Yuval Noah Harari.


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There’s been a lot of talk infection these days. Let’s stop spreading the virus and start spreading ideas.

Get yourselves involved

Want to get involved in battling climate change? We hear you!

We at TEDxUtrecht embrace Countdown, the international initiative of TED supported by local TEDx-events around the planet.

Countdown seeks to answer five fundamental, interconnected questions that help inform a blueprint for a cleaner future.

We are bringing together scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, urban planners, farmers, CEOs, investors, artists, government officials, and others to find the most effective, evidence-based ideas out there. Our goal is to identify the bold solutions that can be activated when people break out of their silos and rise to the challenge.


How can we spark a worldwide shift to healthier food systems?


How rapidly can we switch to 100% clean power?


How can we upgrade the way we move people and things?


How can we re-imagine and re-make the stuff around us?


How do we better protect and re-green the earth?

Young and dedicated?

TEDxUtrecht partnered with MDT Utrecht and the Academie voor Toegepaste Levenskunst to involve more young climate ambassadors in our crowd. The Academie voor Toegepaste Levenskunst will continue to connect with young local climate enthusiasts to participate in meaningful and effective climate initiatives. Want to get involved, join their Young Climate Ambassadors-group.