We've got plans! Big ones!

We are Utrecht’s movement supporting changemakers with ideas worth embracing. Join our family!

Want to rock ‘n’ roll with impact?

We’ve got a lot of ideas around the theme ‘Ideas worth sharing +’.

With TEDxUtrecht 2022 just behind us and a partnership with MDT Utrecht for the coming years in the making, this is the time to join our ranks and influence the hell out of our region in a positive way.

So we are looking for volunteers. For our upcoming speaker events, for our collaboration with MDT Utrecht, but also for the further future. Think of enabling new speaker events beyond the Countdown initiative, a new TEDxYouth event, creating a Utrecht-based network of positive influencers and so on.

To strengthen our team, we are looking for people who, in addition to their work or study, want to make the world a little more beautiful with us. For this we are looking for the following people:

Coordinator of our Youth Program

Core team members (focus: Strategy and Implementation)

Founding Partners (focus: Organisations that lay the groundwork for the TEDxUtrecht foundation and it’s future)

Communication and (online) community manager

Fundraiser / sponsormanager

Networker(s) with expertise Sustainability/Climate

Event crew