Wanna be our special speaker on the next TEDxUtrecht?

TED - the new climate activist platform?


Wait, what?
Wasn’t TED a podium for Ideas Worth Spreading? Ideas ranging from how to make the most out of your life or how to implement new technologies into all corners of society? And where you could stumble on ideas ranging from topics as education, love, economy, environment, urban planning etc. etc.. 

Uhm, yes. Of course. That still is TED. But seeing the progress the leaders of our world, it’s companies, it’s cities and yeah, us too, are making on tackling the climate crisis that is happening and increasingly developing, TED decided that the time is running out to lean back and watch the efforts (not) being made from the sidelines.

TEDxUtrecht is on board - are you?


In the build up towards TED‘s Countdown announcement, the TEDxUtrecht-team was rethinking our own contribution to the world, to TED, but mostly to Utrecht, the region and … yeah, well the world outside our city and surroundings. Why stop here, right?

Our conversations focused on the subject of doing more than just putting more speakers on stage once in a while. Although we’ve been highly engaged and driven to do just that in 2012, 2014, 2016 and helping out other TEDx-events (TEDxYouth@Utrecht 2017) in the city we also felt we could increase the impact of our efforts for and within the city and the rest of the world. 

TED is completely renewing…. Is your idea not only worth spreading but also worth DOING?


Wanna join our very special and exclusive speaker line-up?
It just takes 4 simple steps!

  1. Make a video, max 2 minutes, where you explain us why you need to be on this special stage
  2. Keep in mind our overall goal and the 5 pilars
  3. Upload your video to youtube of vimeo
  4. And fill out this form

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We’re looking forward to see you on video and hear your great countdown story!