Max Zero Impact

Dutch climate heroes unite!




Max Zero Impact


A three-stage inspiration program for anyone who wants to tackle the climate crisis faster and more effectively.

COP26 is behind us. The challenge is clear. We should not wait for governments to secure our future. But where governments are trailing behind, lots of us are already convinced: we can change climate change … if WE start NOW.

Because whatever our leaders did of did not agree one, let’s agree on this: if we as a young generation do not take action ourselves then nothing anyone else will matter. That’s why we created our special Youth Program MAX ZERO IMPACT with support of the MDT Utrecht.


What is Max Zero Impact?

First of all – Max Zero Impact is a strange combination of words, chosen to make you think. Zero impact – that’s not what we want to achieve? Max impact – maximal impact, we dig that! What do we want Zero of? Ah, a zero net future! Zero emissions that are not compensated for anywhere else. No use of resource without giving back.

Max. Zero. Impact. Exclamation mark.

So Max Zero Impact is a training program for young climate activists. Because if we want to realize a ‘net zero’ future, we have to make the most of our time and effort, just like the speakers we put on stage during TEDxUtrecht.

Join our Climate Strategy Bootcamp for sustainably active (or wanting to become) young people and students.



Stage 1 of the Max Zero Impact-program is a Meet&Greet with TEDxUtrecht speakers with a history of effective influencing campaign to reduce our human impact on the planet on March 26th.

You also meet your peers and fellow participants of the program and see what students from the Universities of Applied Sciences from Amsterdam and Utrecht and other students from Utrecht are doing to battle climate change.

We’ll exchange personal goals and your personal drive concerning your climate activities up till now and will challenge you to rethink your strategy.

Stage 2  focusses on your personal ambitions to have even more impact regarding the goals you have set for yourself and will take place on April 15th.
We’ll have coaches and experienced changemakers at hand who’ll help us to get the most out of our personal and collective energy, drive and passion to reach a net zero future.

Stage 3 and the last date of our program is a free visit to TEDxUtrecht Countdown on (date will be June 8th or 15th – to be decided soon) in the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.
During the day you’ll have another Meet&Greet with two of our other speakers in the form a College Tour setting in the Stadsschouwburg. You’ll get more good practices and have time to discuss how the work of our speakers and your fellow participants can influence your own climate actions. We’ll round of program with a dinner and drinks – and if COVID allows it, a party to wrap things of.

Not sure if you’re able to join in the rest of our program? Don’t worry – sign up now and secure your spot for TEDxUtrecht Countdown. The rest will follow shortly.

Who can join?

We have room for 150 young climate ambassadors who are concerned about our future and who want to commit themselves (even) more or even more effectively to the climate in their own environment.

Do you want to:

– attend TEDxUtrecht’s COUNTDOWN speakers event for free?
– expand your network with 150 other young climate heroes?
– Meet&Greet experienced climate ambassadors and impactful influencers?

Then sign up now! Register for the program and write in the answer form how you are committed to the climate. We’ll be back with you shortly with more info about the program and the date of TEDxUtrecht’s speakers event and day 3 of the program.

Event dates


Day 1 – Saturday March 26th, 2022

Kick Off Max Zero Impact + meet&greet with speakers and your fellow participants

Day 2 – Friday, April 15th, 2022

Max Zero Impact – increasing your personal impact

Day 3 –Wednesday June 8th or 15th, 2022 (to be decided soon)
TEDxUtrecht Countdown – the speakers event – get inspired