Abdelilah Al-hamoud 🇬🇧

Abdelilah, also known as Aboud, moved to the Netherlands in 2017 because of the war in his homecountry Syria. Things didn't go as planned when he got stuck in Greece. He is the example for how to change your situation for the better with hope, faith and a lot of perseverance.

Abdelilah Al-hamoud 🇬🇧

2597 miles of hope.

Because of the war in Syria Abdelilah had to flee to another country. It took him 14 months to get to the Netherlands because things didn’t go as planned. He got stuck in Greece in a refugee camp in very bad circumstances. But.. he never gave up and he believed that he could change his situation for the better, which he did. While he was in the refugee camp, he started volunteering with different volunteering NGO’s to help others while working on my English.

One thing he learned during this time is that solving a problem, small or big, is a small step to becoming a happier human being. While facing these problems it’s always important to look for the little things. One smile can mean the world to someone. So, if we are all there for each other we can make life so much easier.

Abdelilah’s video will be uploaded shortly, but his talk was already penned down in brief by Hanna Maas.

I believe that hardships can be faced with patience

Abdelilah Alhamoud