If you can’t sell it to your kids, cancel it

Bas & Roel - Wefilm

Roel en Bas Welling

Wefilm (Founders)

Brothers Roel en Bas were successful pioneers in the world of viral advertising, generating millions of views for big brands. Only one question counted: how could they sell an idea to a client? But after becoming parents, they felt confronted with a different question: could they ‘sell’ the way they used their talent to their children? They decided to radically change the way they use their creativity and to start all over again.

About Roel and Bas

Roel and Bas Welling are brothers and co-founders of Wefilm. At a young age, they specialized in viral video and reached over 500 million views with their award-winning videos. After a few years, they changed the company into an agency for impact: the approach that worked for advertising big brands, is now being used to make a positive impact on society. Bas was the TEDxUtrecht 2014 host, and will come back in 2022 to share his personal story together with his brother.