What I wished I learned in School

Juliëtte Schraauwers

Nowschool (Chief vision and purpose)

What is school for? With this question, Juliëtte Schraauwers wants to invite you to draw outside the lines. What if we make school the happiest place on earth? Where can we freely develop our deepest purpose in life? A place where we stay work together, create solutions and connected with ourselves, other and the earth. Juliëtte believes education is the seed of change and that is why she started NOWSCHOOL. A learning community where children, parents/carers, teachers, volunteers and specialists learn about life where we allow everyone to blossom into holistic thinkers and doers.

About Juliëtte

Juliëtte Schraauwers is a regenerative entrepreneur and co-founder @NOWSCHOOL. She was nominated several times and was listed in the Duurzame Jonge 100 of 2020 and was listed as 1 of the 21 Triodos Verbeteraars of 2021. Her mission is to regenerate the education system by empowering the next generations to work with nature.