Don’t waste waste. Circulair construction with 90% pre-used materials.

Charlotte - Hof van Cartesius

Charlotte Ernst

Hof van Cartesius (Founder)

The construction world can and must change. We can reduce building waste by reusing materials to a high standard. As we do in our experimental area Hof van Cartesius. The creative workplaces in the Werkspoorkwartier are circularly constructed and built with 90% pre-used materials. We don’t only use materials from demolition projects. From a material-driven design perspective, we also use, for example, product waste, rejected products from the construction industry and residual power from NS/Prorail.

About Charlotte

Charlotte Ernst is an urban architect and creative brain behind the cooperative Het Hof van Cartesius. It’s a permanent circular living lab and creative incubator for makers in Utrecht. She set this up together with her sister Bianca Ernst and third partner Simone Tenda.
They also established a branch of Buurman in Utrecht. Buurman is a shop and workshop for used materials. With both projects they give value to waste and residual products and show how rich the city is in resources and materials.