Change the world sleeping (one stitch at a time)

Rob van den Dool - Yumeko

Rob van den Dool

Yumeko (Founder & CEO)

Why do we use materials, farming and production methods that are harmful for the environment, for people and animals? Rethinking the way things are made, the Amsterdam based sustainable bed- and bath brand Yumeko, has focused on ethically made materials from organic and fairtrade agriculture and production, to realize their Theory of Change to make the world a better place.

About Rob

Rob van den Dool is one of the pioneers in social and sustainable entrepreneurship in The Netherlands. He studied international law and human rights and was one of the inspired founders of War Child Netherlands in 1995. In 2010, he founded the fast-growing company Yumeko, a social enterprise with which he follows the clean and fair route in making bed linen and bath linen more sustainable: “Change The World Sleeping”.