January 27th 2016, TivoliVredenburg

Join the event

A TEDx-event is not something you visit just like that. You have to make the first step. Find out how to get in below.


We hope you will join the third edition of TEDxUtrecht on Wednesday January 27th 2016 at TivoliVredenburg, from 9 ’till 18 o’clock. A whole day of inspiration can be yours for 80 euro’s, students get a 50% discount (limited to 200 tickets). This includes drinks, lunch, the speakers program and the experience. You can apply for an entrance ticket to this full day packed with inspiration and fresh ideas. We can reassure you that you will meet some wonderful people that day.

We request everyone who registers to also provide us with a motivation why they should be part of the movement. If provide us with an inspiring motivation, we will invite you to TEDxUtrecht, by sending you the link to our online ticketshop. This way, we will make sure the day has maximum impact for all engaged.

There are a limited amount of tickets available, so be sure to register in time!