January 27th 2016, TivoliVredenburg

Luk Dewulf – Go with your talent!

What is talent? How do you discover your talent? What is the difference between ‘talent’ and  ‘talent in action’? How can you develop skills to use your talent more effectively? And… how to deal with your weaknesses?

Luk Dewulf gives an answer to all these questions and will help the audience discover their own talents, based on daily life examples and experiences.

Luk Dewulf is Master in Educational Sciences. As an independent consultant, he gives strategic advice on talent development in organisations. He is both a strengths and a burn-out coach. He has written bestsellers on talent and burn-out. He is frequently invited to give lectures and key-notes, both in Belgium and abroad.

Dewulf challenges schools, organisations and more than that: society, to be much more successful in detecting, using and empowering the talent of any individual. Because everybody has many talents.