January 27th 2016, TivoliVredenburg

Back in the days

2012. 2014. Two editions, more than thirty speakers. Lots of inspiration. Take a walk down memory lane.

Where it all started. 2012. Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. 2014. The first Talentstage.

In 2012 the first edition of TEDxUtrecht ‘Full Creative Potential’ was curated by Arjan Haring – who was granted this opportunity from his partners of the Centre of Expertise Creative Industries and Studium Generale at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Utrecht). Among the early adopters of the first event were Founding Partners KaliberDietwee and a wide range of local professionals and entrepreneurs. In a packed Stadsschouwburg a.o. Dutch cabaretier Dolf Jansen, Cristina Cassandra Murphy, Ann Mehl, Todd Kashdan and Stephen Anderson inspired the sold out venue. But the most impact was made by the idea for the Mine Kafon by Massoud Hassani, which since November 2012 captured audiences all around the world and kept raising awareness for landmine casualties in (post-)conflict areas. A special acknowledgement by the TED-foundation was made for the artwork and visual campaign, which included all the ingredients for a molotov cocktail. How’s that for thinking outside the box, huh?

Sixteen months after the first TEDxUtrecht, the event returned to the Stadsschouwburg for its second edition ‘Behave’ – which theme was of course to be taken with a large *wink*, as inspired by the visual of a large middle finger given by a woman’s hand, wedding ring included. Selling the venue out again. Closing the event, Karsu and Ilco van der Linde provided us with insights of worldwide peace initiative MasterPeace, which just received the Luxemburg Peace Prize for Outstanding Peace NGO. We’re proud of them and all speakers ahead of them. Also in 2014: the introduction of our TEDxUtrecht Talentstage. Quite the succes, it’s getting copied throughout local TEDx-events.

Watch all the talks of the first two editions at our YouTube-channels: