January 27th 2016, TivoliVredenburg

#Talentstage: all you need to know for this Thursday

#Talentstage: all you need to know for this Thursday

November 23rd, 2015


Sold out!

We are very happy to announce that all of the free tickets for the TEDxUtrecht Talentstage have been reserved! Not only are we super excited about the 700 people joining us in our TEDx adventure, but we are especially delighted that we can provide a fully packed venue for our seven talents on the Tivoli Ronda stage. Who will win the so strongly desired spot on our main TEDx event on January 27th? Read some sneak previews on the speakers’ topics below or just wait and be amazed next Thursday!

For the ones that were unable or still considering to get a seating ticket, we have some free standing spots on the balcony and at the Tivoli bar that you can just come and check out during the evening. Can’t be there at all? Don’t worry, we have still got you covered, as we’ll be live streaming the event on our social media and on http://www.tedxutrecht.com.

Want to stay update on everything TEDxUtrecht? Make sure you register yourself as well on our TEDxUtrecht-homepage and like us on Facebook – and make sure you get a ticket for the big event on January 27th while you’re at it!

See you on Thursday!


Sneak previews

Curious what the speakers will be inspiring you with? Here are some teaser snippets for the Talentstage. Want to know about all the ideas, visions and projects? Make sure you will be there this Thursday!

Team Nesci: No matter where your life starts, you are the pilot of your future. Team Nesci is here to tell you their intriguing and amazing story and to show how three ordinary girls with an unusual history could reach extraordinary goals.

Jort Statema: Endless possibilities to impact our world through your mobile phone. Impossible? Jort thinks not! He will show you how, in the near future, a better world will be just a few clicks away.


Mei Nelissen: We waste lots of energy, simply because not all that we generate can be stored. Until today. With tremendous enthusiasm, Mei Nelissen will tell the inspiring story of developing her innovative sustainable solution that will solve the waste of energy: the Blue Battery.

Adinda van Wely: The power of first impressions is monstrous. And not just in our social life, but also in art. In her talk, Adinda will guide us in taking a second look at art and hopes to inspire you to look beyond people’s masks.


Emma Brouwer: Bigger actions, bigger impacts! Emma set a great step forward with ClickStart, where students help seniors gain internet skills to protect them against cybercrime. She believes that, together, we can mold the Netherlands of tomorrow into a place where everyone benefits.

Soukeyna Gueye:How do we get businesses on board of the circular economy? In her TEDx talk, Soukeyna will show you how companies can turn environmental sustainability into profits, by revolutionising the way we live, think and make money.

Aiman Hassani: After Aiman was hit by a car, he overcame being lazy and became what he calls a ‘super achiever’. He aspires to inspire people to do the same, approaching it in a positive and humane way along his motto: ‘let’s speak to people as if they are people.’