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Luk Dewulf – My Talents

Luk Dewulf – My Talents

June 11th, 2016

Have you defined your stengths and talents yet? Our one and only expert, Luk Dewulf, sets a proper example for you to make a good start. Quickly read on below to learn about Luk’s talents and how you recognise yourself in these. Forgot what he was on about again? Listen to his talk right here for a quick recap.

Luk Dewulf – My Talents

And how to recognise them

Busy Bee

I charge my batteries by being involved in useful and meaningful activities. At the end of a day I want to feel that I have achieved something, or I will feel frustrated. When I find myself in a situation that doesn’t interest me but that I can’t get away from either, I become restless and think of all the things I could have done with my time. Relaxing is a conscious choice and not something I do spontaneously. I hardly ever do, though, because I always see work that needs to be done.

You need to be in an environment in which you feel you can do meaningful work, where it’s pleasantly busy, and that allows you to do real and practical jobs. You are less fit for environments where people constantly talk about vague ideas. For you it is important to not be too dependent on other people in your work, because they would only hold you back.

Here and now Champion

When people ask me whether I experience a lot of stress, I always answer: What do you mean by stress? For me stress is different from what it seems to mean to others: I take days as they come and try to make them go as I want. My schedule doesn’t control me – I am in charge. It’s fine when a day goes as planned, but unexpected changes energise me rather than put me down. I live in the present and do what I find important here and now.
You enjoy being in an environment in which you have the space to organise the day as you want and where you are not necessarily required to formulate long-term goals. You thrive in an environment filled with unexpected questions or elements. Flexibility energises you.

Thinks Things Through

I like to think things through and to listen to several viewpoints and opinions: it helps me to form my own well-founded ideas. I find it rather difficult to quickly formulate my opinion in a conversation; I need time to think about new issues, and I will keep thinking until all the pieces fall into place. This usually happens afterwards, in the car, in the shower, or after a good night’s sleep. But by then I will be able to present a solid, well thought-out and well-founded opinion.
You can highlight your qualities best in an environment that challenges you to think, one in which you are given time to do so, and where you are invited to present your opinion. It helps you to be able to take in various viewpoints and opinions. Organisations that require decisions to be made in one single meeting, or employers who put a lot of pressure on making decisions, probably suit you less. What would fit you best, would be an organisation where people give and take time to come to the correct decision.

Intuitive Thinker

I am an intuitive thinker, I can easily see connections and patterns. ‘Imagine…?’ is the start of many questions I ask myself. I can quickly come up with several scenarios to get from A to B, and I trust my intuition to choose and select. I am quick to put the finger on the sore spot, but I can’t always voice my thoughts: I feel in my gut what is happening, but I can’t immediately explain it with my head.

For you it is important to be in an environment where you can act on your intuition and where you don’t always have to explain yourself in a rational way. You need to be able to follow your own course, without having to explain yourself all the time. You show your strength by dealing with complex issues that fit your professional skills.

Quiet Assistant

I enjoy supporting people by creating ideal conditions for them to shine. Accommodating them energises me and it gives me great satisfaction to see them shine. I prefer to enjoy in silence, backstage.

Find an environment where others notice and appreciate your excellent supportive skills. Find people that you genuinely enjoy working for and who will readily appreciate what you do for them. Also find an environment with not only fast and superficial contacts, but where you can build up a lasting relationship of support with several people

Yes Trooper

I like to take responsibility and would rather say yes to everyone. I think you must always honour an agreement and I will do my utmost to fulfil my assignment. I say yes to the person who asks me, not so much to the job itself. Sometimes I wish I could say no more often. When something needs to be done, I am the first to raise my hand. When someone phones and asks me to do something, I say yes. Then when I put the phone down I think: I should have said no.
You need an environment where you do not depend on others to achieve results and where you have a say about which people you need to help you fulfil your commitments. Choose an environment where you can put your trust in people to help you get your results. You would benefit from an organisation that ensures that nobody does more than they can do.