January 27th 2016, TivoliVredenburg

Looking back: the TEDxUtrecht Talentstage 2015

Looking back: the TEDxUtrecht Talentstage 2015

January 4th, 2016

After the great success of the 2014-edition, TivoliVredenburg Ronda gave centre stage to the second TEDxUtrecht Talentstage. Upon a firm selection of many inspiring stories by students, starters and young professionals between the ages of 15 and 27, we could enjoy the mind-blowing visions, projects and ideas of the seven big thinkers who made it to the short-list: Adinda van Wely, Aiman Hassani, Emma Brouwer, Jort Statema, Team Nesci, Mei Nelissen, and Soukeyna Gueye. They all performed their talks within the LET’s GO theme, presenting their ideas to a fully packed audience.

Right from the beginning, it was rather clear that this event would push all boundaries. With 1,4K friends attending on Facebook and quite some more interested, we shifted venues from the cozy Academietheater to the huge Ronda stage (TivoliVredenburg), only to find the tickets to be sold out within a matter of days. To enhance the evening’s experience and get even more out of our amazing speakers, the event hosted a competitive element, in which the very best speaker could win the opportunity to perform on the big stage: our TEDxUtrecht main event on January 27th. After we and the audience had been utterly galvanised by the insights and motivations of all of our speakers, the jury announced not one, but two winners: Adinda van Wely and Mei Nelissen. The audience prize was won by Aiman Hassani, who won over the crowd with his sharp wit and analytical performance.

Adinda amazed the audience with her talk about the monstrous power of first impressions, both in our social lives as well as in art. In her talk, Adinda guided us in taking a second look at art and thusly inspired us to look beyond people’s social masks. Mei Nelissen grasped the public’s attention with her refreshing ideas for energy storage. With ther innovative sustainable solution, called the Blue Battery, she plans to solve the waste of energy by improving its storage process. Aiman told his personal story of how he became a ‘super achievier’ by his own ‘Aimanisms’. Aiman believes everybody is able to do the same, as long as you treat your fellows in a positive and humane way. Want to hear more about the winning talks, be inspired by the others, or relive the inspirational and exhilerating evening? You can rewatch our TEDxUtrecht Talentstage talks right here or see our photo gallery!

We would like to thank our partners, who have greatly contributed to this years’ Talentstage being the success that it was. With Studium Generale Hogeschool Utrecht taking the initiative and The Cultural Participation Fund, PLUQ Personal Performance, Mixture Media, TivoliVredenburg, Dietwee, Kaliber, and our very own TEDx volunteers joining us on this journey, we were able to put up a Talentstage bigger and better than we ever hoped to expect. We would also like to express our gratitude to all of you who either were in the audience or followed us and our event before, during or after the event. (Did you miss it? No worries! You can still watch it right here via our videos).
Would you like to see more of our speakers or follow us to our next event? Watch the videos via YouTube and buy your tickets to the TEDxUtrecht 2016 Main Stage! See you in January!