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Looking back: the Let Go Depot

Looking back: the Let Go Depot

December 22nd, 2015

What were you willing to let go in order to truly progress?

Just about a month ago, on November 14th, we opened the very first TEDxUtrecht pop-up store in the heart of Utrecht. In this store, the Let Go Depot, you would find a place to let go of things that you no longer have room for in your life – things that are holding you back from moving on or progressing. When entering the Depot, you would find yourself in a life-size TEDx closet – a lounge where you could watch inspiring talks, follow fascinating workshops, and both symbolically and physically let go of whatever you would bring with you to our confession booth.

When people were ready let go of something special to them, they entered our ‘confession booth’. After explaining how their belonging repressed their ability to Let’s Go, they would actually let go of it by dropping their object in a huge glass container filled with red paint. Curious to what others let go of? Find out the amazing backstories in our online gallery and buy your ticket for the main event on Januari 27th, where you will be able to see all of the Let Go objects displayed in our very own TEDxUtrecht logo.

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by, contributed their Let Go objects, and attended or gave the greatly inspiring talks and workshops. Not only have we heard galvanising speeches about healthcare, live poetry, refugees, and philosophy, but we also relived impressive stories of life changers and activists, not afraid to lead the change of the world into a better place to live in. All of these distinguishing mind-sets and unique perspectives have given us and our crowd new inspiration to Let’s Go.

If you’re interested in more information of the Let go depot and how it all went down, don’t hesitate to visit our website’s section of the Let Go Depot and the gallery with all of the ‘Let Go’ objects and background stories. Feel free to join us next time, and don’t forget to register for the main event on January 27th! We look forward to seeing you then!

For more photos and videos, be sure to take a look at our Instagram page: www.instagram.com/tedxutrecht