January 27th 2016, TivoliVredenburg

What it’s like to be part of the TEDxUtrecht Social Team

The message, the meetings and all of the glasses of wine we use to ensure the message of TEDxUtrecht gets to you.

What it’s like to be part of the TEDxUtrecht Social Team

April 28th, 2016

In light of our own Spotlight, we figured it would be a great learning opportunity for our followers to get a closer look into what it means to be part of the social (media) team of TEDxUtrecht.

In order to be part of the TEDxUtrecht Social Team, there are three key concepts you need to understand:

1. TEDxUtrecht is part of a larger TEDx community.
2. Everyone is a volunteer, Everyone is equal.
3. Our team is derived out of fun, diverse, pro-active people who enjoy wine and love Utrecht.

The mission of TEDxUtrecht is to inspire action by sharing ideas worth spreading within the Utrecht community. Those who visit our events see the lights, the camera’s and experience the atmosphere of being part of a greater global event.

kade104 - fotografie en ontwerp

Our mission as the Social Team is to inform, connect and inspire those who are part of the event, those wish to be part of the event and those who don’t even know (yet) about the event or the message of TEDx. We pride ourselves on sharing the amazing stories of our speakers to a larger audience and knowing that someday the next-big-thing started in Utrecht.

Like any other team that is focused on social media, getting the correct message to your audience, creating content and keeping your followers engaged can be challenging. Thankfully, our team dynamics are based on two very simple principles: Equality and Informality. Why these two principles, you may ask? This is what we believe as a team to be the basis for effective teamwork and improving the creative process.

Now to the good part. How do we actually take these two principles into action? First. Everyone is responsible for their ‘own’ platform. TEDxUtrecht has a variety of social media platforms; We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr, which means that there’s a lot of surface area to cover when we need to get information out there — so in order to that, we divide the work by having each member focus on a specific platform, but operate as one team. Same content, but different tone of voice and type of engagement. Each team member is therefore responsible for the way they operate their platform. We do not impose on each other’s work, only encourage each other to collaborate and co-create.

We do not believe in hierarchy, only that each individual has their own set of responsibilities.



In order to ensure that we do collaborate effectively, we hold our own regular meetings. At these meetings comes our second (and more fun) principle: Informality.

Our team is filled with a diverse set group of people. Our team represents 5 different nationalities and several different work-backgrounds across a variety of industries. This, however, also brings a variety in work-ethic and communication-styles with it. Even though this can bring its own set of challenges, we figured we can all work with each other starting from one common denominator — wine.



Our team is unapologetically proud of this. We engage our meetings with our favorite bottle(s) of wine and encourage each other to remove the restrictions formalities bring with it. Think of how you would bring forth an idea in a business meeting or project as opposed to a group of friends. The more you are able to unwind, the more able you are to present yourself and bring forth your more creative self. We meet and discuss the important matters, but in a setting that allows us to connect with one another, which in turn allows us to connect with others.

Removing the restrictions of being formal, opens the doors to being creative.


We want to ensure our followers get real content from real people. Naturally, it would be easy to send out “This is a video, go watch it.” but that removes the people aspect of what we as a part of TEDxUtrecht are all about. We enjoy engaging with our followers; Ensuring you are well informed and satisfied by the work and effort we invest. We read every message, reply to any problem and converse with those who may want to.

Being part of the TEDxUtrecht Social team is more than simply sharing videos and promoting events. It’s about connecting with one another and inspring you to take action and be part of the change you wish to see. If you haven’t guessed it, we love what we do and we hope you do too.

With love,

The TEDxUtrecht Social Team

PS: Has this inspired you to join an internationally diverse group filled with young and creative individuals? Are you able to express yourself in English? Do you enjoy wine? We are recruiting new members to strengthen our team! Feel free to apply here.