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January 2016

TEDxUtrecht 2016 is the third edition of a successful initiative in Utrecht to bring a local TEDx-conference to town within the international TEDx-movement. After two sold-out editions in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht in 2012 and 2014 with over 800 visitors, we have started preparations for the next TEDxUtrecht in 2016.

In 2016 we will continue building on earlier successes, working with local entrepreneurs and experts, while looking for more alliances with strategic partners and knowledge centers. We aim to improve TEDxUtrecht’s brand in the city and also enhance the feeling of being welcome to participate and to be part of the experience.

Founders of TEDxUtrecht are (professionals at) Hogeschool Utrecht, Dietwee & Rhinofly. As a part of the TEDxUtrecht conference (January 2016) the TEDxUtrecht Talentstage will be organized in November 2015.

At the moment we are looking for skilled and enthousiastic team members to help create TEDxUtrecht 2016.

Come join our team!

At the moment we are looking for new team members to help create TEDxUtrecht 2016.

Team Partners/Fundraising TEDxUtrecht

TEDxUtrecht is searching for one or two experienced and/or ambitious members for our Partnership Team.

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Team Partners/Fundraising TEDxUtrecht

Creating Partnerships & Fundraising

TEDxUtrecht is searching for one or two experienced and/or ambitious members for our Partnership Team. The Partnership Team is responsible for not only raising sufficient funds to make TEDxUtrecht 2016 and the 2015 TEDxUtrecht Talentstage an incredible experience, but also for laying the tracks for a committed group of content-driven partners interested to participate in our local TEDxUtrecht-community. In other words - we’re looking for partners who don’t ask for a VIP-treatment for their professionals and guests, but are willing to invest in an amazing line up of speakers and a total inclusive experience which represents the spirit of TEDxUtrecht: changing society for the better. Investments made by partners will solely contribute to our speakers line up and a side-program of Q&A’s with our speakers, innovative products and ideas by young and talented entrepreneurs/enterprises and of course live performances of local artists, students and creatives - all worth meeting and worth sharing. Our ideal partner, not only supports the idea and realization of TEDxUtrecht 2016 and the 2015 TEDxUtrecht Talentstage, but also contributes to the production, speakers line up and experience with time, knowledge and funds.

Do you

  • believe in partnerships like this and the motto of TED?
  • want to work in a team of open minded rebels and naive optimists, who believe the time to take initiative and responsibility for our own live, city and larger world is now?
  • have a network and/or an eye for potential partners in the larger region of the city of Utrecht?

And are you

  • a rebel and naive optimist too?
  • capable of spreading our vision and engaging others to participate in this?
  • responsible enough to ‘don’t stop ‘till we’ve got enough’?


Then we want to meet you! Give our curator - Joost de Bruin - a call at 06-46 96 75 11, or send us an email in which you introduce yourself to us at

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Re-live TEDxUTRECHT 2014

Every system has rules and values. Rules to obey. Values to follow. We all value fairness, friendship, compassion and courage. And we apply rules to these values to live a social, creative and memorable life. But in a world of high-speed innovations and technological progress our values shift. New rules apply and we ask ourselves the question: How to behave in this new era?

Speakers TEDxUtrecht 2014

Ilco van der Linde (NLD)


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Ilco van der Linde

This social entrepreneur is driven to bring people together, regardless of color, faith or cultural background. You may know him as the director of the Dutch Bevrijdingsfestivals and the co-founder of dance4life. Ilco is currently running MasterPeace: a global peace-building initiative aimed at increasing dialogue, development and disarmament.

Andrew Keen (USA)

Silicon Valley’s critic

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Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen is an Anglo-American entrepreneur, columnist for CNN, public speaker and the author of the international hits 'Cult of the Amateur' and 'Digital Vertigo'. He is known for his sharp and controversial critiques on Web 2.0's online communities and the influence of the Internet on modern business, education and society.

Siert Wijnia (NLD)

Build your Future in 3D

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Siert Wijnia

Siert Wijnia is a creative engineer and the co-founder of Ultimaker. The Ultimaker is an open source 3D printer that aims to make personal 3D printing a better experience, accessible to everyone. Siert wants to make the Internet physical again by ‘changing bits into products, to close the loop of connecting people’.

Gerbrand van Melle (NZL)

The Return of a Utrecht Icon

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Gerbrand van Melle

Gerbrand van Melle is a graphic designer from Utrecht. His work is defined by a strong emphasis on typographic experimentation and a creative view on interactive design. Major clients included Utrecht University, SRON and music venue Tivoli. He founded his own design agency and is currently lecturing at AUT University, New Zealand.

Willemijn Verloop (NLD)

Middle Name: Social Entrepreneurship

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Willemijn Verloop

Willemijn Verloop is the founder of WarChild, founder and director of Social Enterprise NL and a visionaire extraordinaire. She believes social entrepreneurship can have a major impact on solving societal challenges concerning health, poverty and climate. Her mission is to make the world a better place by doing business.

Kelly Peters (CAN)

Queen of Business Strategy

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Kelly Peters

Kelly Peters is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at BEworks, a behavioral economics firm based in Toronto, Canada. At BEworks, Kelly applies consumer psychology and marketing science to real-world challenges. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of business strategy, marketing and banking.

Laurens Vreekamp (NLD)

Why TED talks don't work

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Laurens Vreekamp

Laurens is co-founder of the start-up immrs, a tablet-newsreader that selects news relevant to the user’s interest. He teaches Interaction and User Experience design at Utrecht School of Applied Sciences, and won their 2013 Teacher of the Year award. He also organizes the Cinebaars movie nights in Amsterdam.

Emma Bruns (NLD)

No more Bad Pharma

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Emma Bruns

Emma is an ambitious 27-year-old surgical resident in Apeldoorn, publisher and journalist for the NRC Handelsblad, where she writes a monthly critical reflection on the field of medicine. Emma’s goal is to introduce curiosity and creativity in a world where the pager is still the most used instrument.

Alette Baartmans (NLD)

School (No) Rules

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Alette Baartmans

Alette Baartmans is a busy bee: she is an organizational scientist and the (co-) founder of Open State Foundation (Hack de Overheid) and the NoSchool (GeenSchool) organization. Her goal is to discover new ways of organizing education in The Netherlands and making government data available to citizens to enhance open conversations.

Deena Rosen (USA)

Designer of Change

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Deena Rosen

Deena Rosen is a product designer with a speciality in influencing behavior to benefit society. Deena spent 15 years designing technology and software across multiple industries before becoming the director of the User Experience (UX) team at Opower. She leads the design of products that nudge people to use less energy.

Matt Wallaert (USA)

Work Worth Doing

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Matt Wallaert

Matt Wallaert is a social psychologist who works at the intersection of behavior change and business. After two successful startups he joined Microsoft and created the Bing for Schools program, which works to promote digital literacy through a combination of hardware, teaching guides & school environments.

Ellis Bartholomeus (NLD)

Gaming the System

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Ellis Bartholomeus

Ellis is an applied game consultant with the mission to build bridges between science and the game industry. She had a 10-year partnership with as a designer of educational games, and is currently researching the use of gaming as a medium and tool in education, health and daily social life.

Sandra Y Richter (USA)

Make Sustainability Sexy

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Sandra Y Richter

Sandra Y Richter is a marketing scientist at MIT and persuasive technology designer, specifically focusing on the urban landscape. She investigates how persuasion profiling can lead to a more sustainable way of personal transportation, and FastCompany named her one of the '100 Most Creative People in Business'.

Ruut Veenhoven (NLD)

The Godfather of Happiness Studies

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Ruut Veenhoven

Ruut Veenhoven is a sociologist and pioneer in research in the field of human happiness and positive psychology. Veenhoven is founding director of the World Database of Happiness and founding editor of the Journal of Happiness Studies. He lectures at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and North-West University in South Africa.

Kitso Epema (NLD)

Invents rhino-saving drones

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Kitso Epema

Kitso is a master’s student in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He combines his skills in aerospace with his love for wildlife to save the rhino’s in South Africa. With the Dutch Unmanned Aerial Solutions team he is developing a drone to detect and locate rhino poachers before they strike.

Martijn Engelbregt (NLD)

Dare to be different

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Martijn Engelbregt

As the founder of Circus Engelbregt, Martijn aims to enhance the world’s social sustainability. He graduated from the HKU and his fascination with forms, procedures and statistics are the inspiration for a body of work that is both playful and confrontational: in 2008 he sent out 200 000 fake forms in Amsterdam to ask people if they were illegal immigrants.

Maya Lievegoed (NLD)

TalentStage Winner

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Maya Lievegoed

Maya is a young entrepreneur and researcher who helped developing the TINO methodology, which identifies the (so-called) unrecognized knowledge. TINO brings out valuable human perspectives that otherwise might go unnoticed in a company environment.

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