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January 27th 2016

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On January 27th we bring you the third edition of TEDxUtrecht @ TivoliVredenburg, preceded by our TEDxUtrecht Talentstage on November 26th @ the Academietheater. Registration for tickets is open - and we also have some job openings for enthusiasts. Don’t miss out and join NOW!

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We’re proud that the next TEDxUtrecht will be in the beating heart of the city. TivoliVredenburg opens her doors for us and consequently for you. So this new inspiring place can be filled with fresh ideas for the future.

Come join the movement on Wednesday January 27th 2016!

Announced speakers

Tijmen Schep (NLD)

Creative Lead Setup

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Tijmen Schep

Tijmen Schep of the SETUP medialab, playfully challenges us to think deeper about technology. Tijmen (1981) has spent the last two years creating projects that challenge society to ask difficult questions about the future of privacy, surveillance and power.

Ine Gevers (NLD)

Curator, writer and activist

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Ine Gevers

Ine Gevers, curator, writer and activist, curated Ik + de Ander. Art and the Human which received international acclaim and recognition. The widely successful large scale exhibition Niet Normaal was shown in Amsterdam/ Berlin/ Liverpool, 2009-2012. Ja Natuurlijk·how art saves the world, 2013, offered an upbeat prognosis, melding nature, technology and culture in the Anthropocene. She currently prepares the expanded art event Hacking Habitat, Art of Control in Utrecht, with Life Hack marathons in 2015 and a large scale exhibition in 2016.

Tijl Koenderink (NLD)

Founder Feniks Talent

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Tijl Koenderink

We live in a time where parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, trainers and policymakers alike seem to be utterly aware that we should nourish the individual talents of our children, employees, citizens and pupils. Gifted children such as Tijl Koenderink experience that even at the age of 4‐12 years old, children who don't fit in the regular systems are easily become not only neglected but also unwillingly mistreated by teachers and fellow students. This in the very institutions in which they should learn to blossom. In a moving inspirational story Koenderink shares parts of his life story, from being a victim, bullied and mostly neglected by the educational system to taking up an active role in changing it. He stands up for talented and gifted children who, like himself, have different learning needs and presents a compelling vision on how to facilitate these needs and change the system.

Femke Groothuis (NLD)


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Femke Groothuis

One of the main challenges of our time is to build prosperity, while keeping intact the natural resources we depend upon. Femke Groothuis is a wavemaker. A political scientist specialised in International Relations and Environment. And believe it or not, she will make you see the beauty of tax. ‘Our tax system holds the key to an inclusive and circular economy. A smart tax shift from labour to resource use enables growth based on the abundantly available capacities and ingenuity of people, rather than the extraction of resources from nature.’

Bright Richards (NLD)

Artistic Leader

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Bright Richards

From asylum seeker to entrepreneur, the story of Bright O. Richards became a true success story. With his foundation ‘New Dutch Connections’ he has created a community of individuals and companies who share his dream to inspire and empower young asylum seekers - young people with very often very few prospects for the future. O. Richards once was a famous actor in Liberia before the war broke out. Arriving in the Netherlands as an asylum seeker, he lost the platform that he was used to. For this reason, he decided to buy a pair of typically Dutch wooden shoes and became known as “De Neger op Klompen” (The African on wooden shoes). And that’s how his new story began.

Ronald Rietveld (NLD)


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Ronald Rietveld

With his RAAAF‐collective achitect and Prix de Rome winner Ronald Rietveld operates at the cutting edge of architecture, art and philosophy. At TEDxUtrecht Rietveld will show what is possible if we let go of existing conventions. In our society almost the entire environment is designed for sitting, while medical research has shown that too much sitting is unhealthy. At RAAAF, Rietveld and artist Barbara Visser have developed a physical concept for the future workplace in which the chair and table are no longer the starting point. The End of sitting is a first step towards a future in which standing work the new norm.Rietveld’s work has been published worldwide and has been exhibited at major art and architecture biennials such as Sao Paulo, Istanbul and Venice.

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